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Embracing the breadth and depth of fine art has been the basis for much of Vladimir Gorsky’s life, privately and professionally. So much so that his paintings have crossed many mediums, genres, styles, and subjects. This could be equated to a sort of rebellion on his part, as the artist grew up in the former Soviet Union where influences of the outside world were strictly forbidden. Today, Gorsky’s work spans from traditional art to celebrity Pop art, all telling a story of historical significance.

Vladimir Gorsky and his famous artwork called Tapestry of the Centuries
Gorsky's World Famous 9' X 18'  "Tapestry of the Centuries" includes
small portraits of important people throughout history.
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Peruse the Gorsky art gallery to view some of the major artwork of Vladimir Gorsky.

Vladimir Gorsky offers custom pop-art family portraits and private commission portraits.  Custom sizes and colors available by request.

Vladimir Gorsky Custom Pop Art

  Celebrity Pop Art of Vladimir Gorsky - Elvis Presley
Vladimir Gorsky Celebrity Pop Art 
Oil Portraits of Vladimir Gorsky
Vladimir Gorsky Oil Portraits
  City Scenes of Vladimir Gorsky
Vladimir Gorsky City Scenes
Historical Works of Vladimir Gorsky
Vladimir Gorsky Historical Works
  Frescos by Vladimir Gorsky
Vladimir Gorsky Nudes
Abstract Figuratives by Vladimir Gorsky

Vladimir Gorsky Abstract Figuratives



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